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Bondage Barber Episode 40: I Just Made you Mine

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Bondage Barber takes an exciting step in a new direction.  While quietly sitting in his demolished kitchen, our handsome barber hears a knock at the door.  Finding to his confusion, yet delight - finds that someone has discarded a cute, young guy in the trash.  He quietly drags him into his house to examine his found treasure.   “Just needs a haircut....” he says.

    For those of you who prefer a more natural element to their haircutting enjoyment - this feature will satisfy and delight.  Using a semi-clear plastic cape, he’s set up for a lot of sensual and loving hair play before his cut..

The camera puts you where you want to be, to see what you want to see, and lets you take in all the captured beauty.  Seeing all his shiny brown hair getting buzzed off, in this stripped down raw kitchen - provides an atmosphere for haircutting  that will fan your passions.  Not to be missed. For fans of Bondage Barber Episodes #14, #18, #28, #32

Bondage Barber #40 - I Just Made you Mine (Preview).


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Bondage Barber Episode 39: The Punishment         Must Fit The Crime

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The latest from Bondage Barber!  There is a new smart-phone app gaining in popularity, called Clippr.  This new {fictitious} haircut fetish hookup site lets you browse profiles and find guy near-by into haircuts. 

On his way to a hot sounding hook up, our handsome star stops off for a bottle of wine.  While only in the store for a few minutes, his bike is stolen by a shifty character with an overgrown mop and shaggy beard.  Every one, the world over - loathes a bike thief.

What do you think happens, when he catches him riding his bike at the local skate park? Running Time: 16 Minutes / 926 Mb


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