Bondage Barber provides a sensual and kinky haircut experience sure to tantalize your scalp.
If you like having your hair played with, pet, buzzed, snipped, combed, brushed, grabbed etc you are in for a treat!
Great for submissives and pets!
If you've never been turned on during a haircut, perhaps it's because you haven't had the right barber!
This experience has been enjoyed by many at conventions like MIR & CLAW
and at bars like Cell Block Chicago, Power House SF, and The Seattle Eagle.

Bondage is optional. Barber's choice of haircut is encouraged.

Event Announcements:
Bondage Barber will be at CLAW, April 28 - May 1, 2022
Westin Hotel, 6th Floor Lobby
Cleveland, Ohio.

Convention Info

This CLAW we will be offering pre-paid reservations.
A lot of our time will be reservable on Thursday, and some reservations available Friday-Sunday.
We will be keeping time available for same day walk-ups throughout the weekend
Bondage Barber will be working during most vendor market hours.
If you make a reservation, we cannot promise that your experience will start exactly at that time but we will be trying to stay close to the schedule.
Click here to make a reservation

Barbers Eric & Greg will be available during CLAW.


Barber's Choice Haircuts
for Shaggy Boys as low as $10

Regular Cut $35

Basic Cut $21

This is for even buzzcuts, buzzing just the sides of existing mohawks, undercuts etc, or if you don't have much hair.

Skin Fade +$7
This is for skin fade haircuts shaved with a foil shaver.

Beard Trims $10
& up

Reservations +$10

Cash Preferred. We also accept Venmo, PayPal, and Zelle.

We believe we go above and beyond
any ordinary haircut experience and appreciate
your generous gratuities.

Student/Low Income Discount available limited availibility
Also interested in trades (We like massage / sensual/tactile, setup/packing help, and more)

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